School: Doire Gualann (roll number 14979)

Derrygoolin North, Co. Galway
Seosamh Ó Tórpaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0364

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0364

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  1. There are three graveyards in this parish namely Woodford Gurthaganna and Douras. These three graveyards are situated in the parish of Ballinakill and Barony of Leitrim. Some of the familie in this locality are not buried in any of those graveyards. The Hayes and the Cleary families are buried at Clonrush, Whitegate, Co. Clare. The Killeen the Brogan the Torpey and the Sammon families are buried in Mynoe Scariff County Clare. The Goonan the Hickey and the McNamara families are buried in the Holy Island Mountshannon co Clare. There are the remains of seven churches in the Holy Island an there is a round tower also. There is a children's burial ground at the Eastern side of this village in Edward Hickey's field. The local families still use the graveyards in which their ancestors
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    Anna May Torpey
    Derrygoolin South, Co. Galway