School: Doire Gualann (roll number 14979)

Derrygoolin North, Co. Galway
Seosamh Ó Tórpaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0313

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0051, Page 0313

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  1. There once lived a Cooper who was supposed to be the biggest rogue in the world. at the same time there lived a widow who have an only son and he was very anxious to become a Cooper. The widow asked the Parish Priest and he told her to let him take any job he liked best. After this he went to the Cooper and they worked very well together for a time.
    One day Jack (who was the apprentice) saw a man passing with a fine fat sheep so he said to his master "I will get that sheep"
    He put on low shoes and started after the man. He went before him and left one of his shoes on the road. He went some distance further and left the other shoe on the road also. The man came along and when he found the first shoe he said it is no good unless I find the other one. He went some distance further and found the other shoe so he tied the sheep to a tree and went back for the other shoe he had left behind. Jack, who lay concealed behind a fence came out now
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