School: Lusk (C.) (roll number 719)

Lusk, Co. Dublin
S. Ní Shúilleabháin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0786, Page 255

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21st June 1938.

There are an number of old stories around our locality namely.
Once upon a time a man was coming home from some place and as he came to a bridge he met a crowd of fairies and they had a coffin in the middle of them and as this man came up to them the fairies said to one another whose turn is it to carry the coffin and some of them, said, it is no else but this man and the fairies pulled the man under the coffin.
As the man was near his home he asked to get out from under it but they would not let him out until he came to Whitestown and their he got out and he, came home and when he was going to bed he noticed a large deep mark and that mark was on his shoulder until he died.
There is also another story such as, There was an old woman who had a daughter and a step-sister. The old woman used to make the step-sister do everything and she used to spin over the well till her fingers bled. One day it fell into the well and she

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