School: Baile Uí Dhuibh, Kilmeaden (roll number 13636)

Ballyduff West, Co. Waterford
Caitlín Madders
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 275

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 275

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  1. There is a plant which is called the "dull brat" and it has leaves like that of the Rhubarb; it is said that when it is boiled it is used as a cure for pleurisy.
    A plant too called spunk was used for sore throat.
    The Duscaillín weed is used as ointment for a burn.
    "Robin run the hedge", and Hore root are also used as ointment for burns. The dandelion is a popular herb.
    Long ago, it was boiled, and the juice was drunk as a cure for kidney and liver complaints, and the milk too, which the stem contains is very good to cut away warts.
    The marshmallow root was boiled, and the juice was mixed with linseed meal, and used as a poultice.
    The clover is used for coughs
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