School: Baile Uí Dhuibh, Kilmeaden (roll number 13636)

Ballyduff West, Co. Waterford
Caitlín Madders

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Care of the Potato Crop during the Summer

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0650, Page 266

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Care of the Potato crop during
the Summer.
It is well worth while to take great
care of the potato crop because they
are the main sustenance of the
people of Ireland.
During the summer months special
care is taken of them because then
they are growing rapidly.
The first process is the weeding
of them in early summer, when weeds
begin to come up. A number of men
are employed at this task.
Then it is necessary to put clay
to the potatoes, before they appear
above the ground.
Then as summer advances they
are growing rapidly until the
spraying process begins; this is a
very important process so therefore
should be done carefully.
By spraying them it prevents
them from the blight, which so often
used to destroy the potato crop.

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