School: Baile na Sagart, Lios Mór

Feagarrid, Co. Waterford
G. Armstong

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 132

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The name of my townland in Reannacoolagh. It is in the parish of Lismore. It is in the Barony of Cosh More and Cosh Bride.
There are thirteen families living in Reannacoolagh. There are fifty-seven people living in it.
The most common name in my district is Fennessy.
Most of the houses in Reannacoolagh are thatched.
Mr. Patrick Nugent, Reannacoolagh, can tell stories in Irish and English. He is over ninety years. Mrs. Feeney and Mrs. Walsh can speak Irish. Both of them are eighty years.
There are three houses in ruins in my townland. The three families were named, Smyths, Noonans and Moores.
Long ago the people used to go to America but they are not going now.
My townland is not mentioned in any songs. Parts of the land are hilly, parts of it are good, and parts of it are boggy.
There is not a lake nor wood. There are two rivers called Gloun Caol and Gloun Girode. I did not hear any stories about these rivers.

Mr Thomas Fennessy
Ballysaggart More, Co. Waterford
Reanacoolagh West