School: Baile na Sagart, Lios Mór

Feagarrid, Co. Waterford
G. Armstong

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Baile na Sagart, Lios Mór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0636, Page 118

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Burning of lime in Kilns.
There was a lime kiln in a moor owned by Mr. Michael O'Brien, Reannacoolagh West. The lime was burned in it, in the year 1898.

When my parents were young, the people used get married during Shrove, but now they get married at all times during (Shrove) the year.
The month of May is thought an unlucky month for marriages. Mondays and Fridays are thought unlucky days.
It is considered lucky to break some ware on the night of the wedding or to hang a boot off the wedding car.
The best match makers in Ballysaggart were Mr. John Devine, Reannacoolagh West. Mr. Edmond Walsh, Reannacoolagh East and

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Mr Thomas Fennessy
Ballysaggart More, Co. Waterford