School: Loughkeeren

Knockatemple, Co. Mayo
Anna M. Warde
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 3

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0120, Page 3

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  1. My grand-aunt told me this story:
    There is an old graveyard in Knocktemple the townland in which Loughkeeran school is built. Once there lived a man named Samuel Ormsby in this district. He was very rich and was miserly or as the people her say: " He was tight about his money". A man named Willie Gorman tried to get the money. They had a pitched battle and Willie killed Sam. Sam is buried where he was killed beside a bush. It is said that Sam's money was buried very deeply by himself years before that under this same bush. Willie never got the gold.
    It is supposed that Sam is guarding it still. He appears every night from twelve to one o'clock. People are afraid to go near the bush after nightfall, lest they would see his ghost.
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    Celine Warde
    Bellavary, Co. Mayo