School: Loreto Convent, Bray

Bré, Co. Chill Mhantáin
Sr. Anthony
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0913, Page 014

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0913, Page 014

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  1. In the year 1936 a great fire broke out in Mr Moran's premises Quinsboro Road Bray. The fire arose at an early hour of the morning. The alcohol assisted the fire to grow so big that it burned out the whole front of the building. The Fire Brigade could not put out the fire before it had done so much damage.
    Mr Scragg's Garage went on fire some time ago, it was a huge fire the Garage was burned out of existence, the Bray Fire Brigade was first on the scene but could not succeed in exstinguishing the fire without help from the Dublin Fire Brigade. The Petrol gave the fire fighters less advantage, but after several hours they had it completely out. Mr Scragg suffered a big loss, as many of his cars and vehicles were destroyed, particularly his three fine scenery coaches.
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    Mary Cranley
    Bré, Co. Chill Mhantáin