School: Meelick (B.)

Meelick, Co. Clare
Eoghan Ó Néill

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Meelick (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0597, Page 505

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Easter Water and they keep it in their houses for about seven years. They say if you drink three drops of Easter Water that it would cure you of any disease
On Christmas Eve night all the Catholic people light a candle or Christmas candle. The leave the candle lighting all night and they quench it in the morning. On Christmas night some of the people do not lock the door because the Holy Family were looking for shelter on that night
A certain time of the year people used to go to the blessed wells for holy water. They generally go to Dronass well for it.

All the people put up holly and ivy on Christmas Eve. The put a little branch of holly and ivy at the sides of every picture. Sometimes people get leaves of holly and ivy and put a twine through them all Then they nail the twine to the window in the form of a cross. The reason for putting up holly and ivy is, on the walls of the stable in which Our Lord was born there were holly and ivy growing. So when people see holly and ivy on the walls, it reminds them of the birth of Our Lord. On Christmas Eve and Christmas

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