School: Killyclare

Killycleare, Co. Cavan
Bean Uí Cheithearnaigh

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The Local Forge

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1017, Page 025

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In this district there are seven forges. The smiths are Mr John McDonald, Mr. Michael McCabe, Mr High Clarke, Mr John Dowd, and Mr. Wm. Montgomery.
The McDonals, McCabes and Dowds have been smiths for almost two hundred years. The forges ate situated at the edge of the road.
The forge is almost thirty feet long and fivteen feet wide. There is one window in the side of the forge. There is only one door on the Forge. At one side of the forge there is a fire-place and at the other side there are two iron rings built in the wall for to tie horses to when the smith is puting (putting) shoes on them. There is an anvil on a block of wood on the flour (floor).

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