School: Killyclare

Killycleare, Co. Cavan
Bean Uí Cheithearnaigh

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The Local Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1017, Page 048

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The pound road, the high road, the bog road and the broad road are some names for the local roads. There is a very old road which leads to Drumgoon graveyard and people call it the high road.
When people are coming on foot from Cootehill they usually come this road and they say it is a near way. Long ago before the new road was made everybody came this road. There is a pound on the edge of the road and it is called the pound road. When the new road was made the old road was not kept in good repair. This road leads from Killan to Bailieborough. There is a small lake beside the pound, called the pound lake. There is an old pass from Mr. Stuart Sharpe's house to an old house in which Mr. Thompson lived.
There is a ford in the river

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Samuel Sharpe
Ralaghan, Co. Cavan