School: Machaire Áirne

Magherarny, Co. Monaghan
P. Mac Aodhgáin

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Marriage Customs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0945, Page 175

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The Month of May is used to be an unlucky month to get married in. Saturday is an unlucky day to get married on also.
Bad luck will come if the bridegroom sees the silver and gold he gives the bride after they get married. They should never come back the same road when they are driving about that day. The bride should never see the ring until the bridegroom puts it on her finger. If any accident happens that day it is counted unlucky. When the wedding is going to the brides house the side-cars run races
Young men disguised by covering themselves with straw went to the brides house and asked for drink and money.
Long ago when a wedding was to take place, the groom and a neighbour man would go to the brides houses, they would ask her father for her, if he got her he wanted a little money with her. Then they appointed the day of the wedding.
Then the bride and groom invited their friends. There were a lot of side cars at a wedding. When they were married they went for a drive. Near dark they come home to the brides

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T. Leonard
Magherarny, Co. Monaghan