School: Baile Ard

Ballard, Co. Clare
Tomás Ó Floinn

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Baile Ard | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0627, Page 188

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On New Year's Day beginning with the first of the year the character of the coming year is with regard to good or bad fortune is foretold by the appearance of things on the morning of the New Year
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"Nicka Nicka Nan
Give me some pancake and then I'll be gone
But if you give me none
I'll throw a great stone
And down your door shall come"

The next night after that is Shrove Tuesday and the ring is put in the pancake and whoever get the ring at teatime will get married on the following Shrove.

On Ash Wednesday long ago it was a great custom in towns to make a man with straw and to dress him in cast-off clothes then dragged through the streets. This figure was called Jack o' Lent and was to represent Judas Iscariot. There used to be great

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Veronica Flynn
Ballard, Co. Clare