School: Dennmore

Dennmore or Legganden, Co. Cavan
Harriet Heaslip

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Denn Church

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0977, Page 139

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Denn church is situated beside the road.
Its walls are made of stone which were quarried out of Denn Hill. Long ago Denn was an independent parish with its own rector who lived in the now ruined rectory. Now the same rector with the help of a Curate preaches in the united of Cavan, Derryheen and Denn.
There is one aisle up the middle of the church with twelve very nice oak pews each side of it which were brought from Scotland.
Last year a new Communion Table was bought by the parishioners in memory of Mrs Shire
There are five windows on the one on the vestry and three on the belfey.
It was built in the year 1,815
The first two wardens were Patrick Fegan and Thomas

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Winnie Turner
Glencorran, Co. Cavan