School: Dennmore

Dennmore or Legganden, Co. Cavan
Harriet Heaslip

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Old Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0977, Page 155

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When I had a sty on my eye, I got ten gooseberry thorns and threw one away, I then pointed the nine to my eye and it cured my sty.

When you have whooping cough if you go to a married person who has the same name as when she was single and ask her for a piece of bread or a grain of meal it will cure you.
Another cure for the whooping cough is to boil milk and give it to a ferret to drink. What ever he leaves, drink, and will will cure you.
To take out a thorn put bacon on the place where the thorn is. Bandage it and go to bed. In the morning the thorn will be in the bacon.
If you have a cut finger put a cobweb on it.