School: Grangecon

Grange Con, Co. Wicklow
Ss Ó Maoláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 125

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 125

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    The Archaeological Society some years ago paid a visit to Grange Con to see the ruins.

    The Archaelogical Society some years aho paid a visit to Grance Con to see the ruins. At the time there happened to be two storks kept in the garden for the purpose of killing rats, mice and frogs. They were wild and at the presence of strangers would fly off and with great difficulty be coaxed back again.
    An old gardener, Jimmy Harrington by name, was put to mind the storks and ask any of the visitors not to go near the corner of the garden where the storks had their cage. None of the visitors seemed interested in the garden except Lord Walter Fitzgerald, who was very fond of walking in lone places by himself.
    He wandered into the garden and seeing the old man standing guard over the storks he went to have a talk with him. "Well my good man," said Lord Walter "what are you going here?". "I'm here to tell the gentlemen" answered he, "that they are not to go to that corner or frighten the storks". Lord Walter liked a bit of fun and to see what he would do, said "but I'm going up there".
    The old man drew a stroke across the path with a black thorn stick he had in his hand, exlaiming, "Be jabers if you put your foot across that line, i'll put the say roaring in yer lug". Lord Walter laughed heartily and had a great conversation with the old man, who was the richer by half-a-crown for tobacco when he departed.
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