School: Grangecon

Grange Con, Co. Wicklow
Ss Ó Maoláin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 129

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0916, Page 129

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  1. In the whole valley from Mitchell's avenue gate to Knock Bunnion near Killeen Cormac, lights called by the people Will-o-the-wisp, are frequently seen. They appear as lights waving up and down.
    One winter's night Jimmy Harrington and his wife were cutting a stick on the Castlehill. He was working hard all day so he had to do it by night. He saw a light at Mitchell's wood moving about and finally it came directly towards him and rested on the end of the big tree which he was cutting a stump off.
    His wife got afraid and ran in. Jim left the saw in the stick, determined to cut the stump off when he had calmed his wife's fears. He went in and waited a few moments and told her it was only Will-o-the-wisp. She recovered from her nervousness. When asked was he afraid, he answered 'Not of the divil himself, if I met him".

    Over the top of Griffingstown Hill Peter Sleator and a young man named Whelan were coming home one night. When passing by the rath, both heard the loveliest music to their great surprise. They stopped for a long time to listen to it. When this was being retold to Peter Morrin, he remarked there was nothing wonderful in that as many an evening he got on top of his own ditch to hear the music in the rath. The music was the music of fiddles only.
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