School: Baile Dháithí, Dunlavin

Davidstown, Co. Wicklow
Róisín Bhreathnach

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Baile Dháithí, Dunlavin | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0914, Page 441

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Some years ago, there was a wedding in Donoughmore Church. The couple that were to be married drove in a carriage and pair. When they were married they returned to the bride's home, and spent the evening there.
At about eight o' clock they were going to their new home. When they were about twenty perches from the bride's home, they had the lamp's on the carriage lighted, when suddenly, the horses stopped and the lights went out, and the driver said he saw a man meeting them.
The driver was thrown off the carriage, and the

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