School: Inch, Borris

Clanagh, Co. Carlow
Michael J. O'Donoghue

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Animal Tales

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0903, Page 676

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A woman had a lot of nice fat hens and everyone used to praise them. One night she left the window opened and the fox got into the house and killed all the hens. When the woman of the house went out to feed the hens they were all dead. She went into the house and she saw the fox lying there and she thought he was dead. She caught him and threw him outside the door out of her way till she got someone to bury him. When she came out of the house the fox was gone.

One day a wolf was out walking and he got a fleese of wool. he put on him and went into a field where there was a lot of lambs. When the lambs saw him they thought it was another sheep. They went over to him and he killed one of them and took him away to eat him. After a few days he came again but all the lambs ran away from him.