School: Kilmore Convent School

Kilmore, Co. Wexford
Sr. Lorcan Ní Riain

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Parish of Kilmore

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0877, Page 139

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Kilmore is a very extensive parish in South Wexford. Tradition associates St. Patrick with Kilmore and visitors are well acquainted with the causeway of rocks extending to the little Saltee Islands called St. Patrick's Bridge. In 1245 the monks of Tintern Abbey acquired Kilmore, Kilturk and Tomhaggard.

The church of Kilmore was dedicated to St. Mosacer and Mulrankin was dedicated to St. David. The pattern day of Kilmore was transferred to the 19th of March so as not to clash with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day and hence O Donovan assumed that St Joseph was the Patron. St. Cuana the leper is said to have been the Patron of Kilturk, but the pattern day is April 4th.
The Last Catholic Rector of Tomhaggard under the old regime was Rev Balthazar Butler in 1552, while at the same time Rev Thomas Synott was vicar of Mulrankin. On July 31st 1578, William Pratt was given a patent by the Crown of the right of the next presentation to the rectories of Tomhaggard and Killaloge and the vicarages of Kilturk and Kilmore.
The devoted Pastor Rev Nicholas Meyler was murdered in Lingiestown while celebrating Mass

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