School: San Leonard, Ballycullane

Saintleonards, Co. Wexford
Mary B. Dunphy

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San Leonard, Ballycullane | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0871, Page 110

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Excerpts from Log Book of the "Lady Bogot"
"Wed. March 1st 1848."
"Strong gales still continuing and leak still gaining. Set the main topsail and kept the ship away before the wind and in time of setting the main topsail and [blank space] ship the water had gained two feet in the hold. Kept all hands to the pumps"
"Lat. 45°-49° Long. 19°-30 Obs. 21°-15 strong gales with a high sea washing over the ship fore & aft. Men all lashed to the pumps.
6 p.m. The man at the wheel was washed off and greatly hurt. Latter part kept the ship away before the sea; all hands still kept to the pumps and complaining of being greatly fagged out. Midnight sounded four feet of water in the hold."

"Remarks on Thursday March 2nd 1848"
"This day set in more moderate with a very high sea running. Ship still kept before the wind. Leak still gaining. 8 a.m. sounded the pumps at 4 feet and a half. Made one more effort to clear the well but found the leak still increasing.
9 a.m. showed a sail ahead. Made all possible sail which proved to be the American ship Oregon of Newcastle bound to Havre. Capt. Healy very kindly kept his ship hove to until we came up and asked the Master if he wanted any assistance and if he wanted to be taken off the wreck."

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Mary B. Dunphy