School: Drumlish (C.) (roll number 10023)

Drumlish, Co. Longford
Brigid Lacy

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0758, Page 040

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The kinds of bread used here fifty years ago were soda - cake, oaten - cake, potato - cake, pancake and boxty. The soda cake was made by mixing bread-soda with flour, wetting with buttermilk kneading and baking in a pot - oven with turf - coals under and on the lid. Oaten cake was made by adding a little salt to oatmeal, wetting with warm water, kneading, flattening out thin and baking over turf - coals, on a griddle or standing up to a bread-stick in front of the fire. The griddle was a flat iron plate, about 1 foot wide, with square handles on opposite sides. The bread stick was usually a forked stick with three legs, but some were of iron, an upright semicircular iron against which the cake rested, a sheet - iron base on which the cake stood, and an iron strut at the back. Potato - cake was

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Nancy Collum
Barragh Beg, Co. Longford