School: Bush, Riverstown (roll number 11689)

The Bush, Co. Louth
Mrs Christmas
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0658, Page 021

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0658, Page 021

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  1. There are some old customs which the people used to do at Easter. Few people keep them up still.
    One is getting old horse-shoes and covering them with the shiny paper off the Easter-eggs and hanging them up in the house, and they are supposed to bring good luck to the house.
    On Good Friday the people used to eat anything at all until the bread-man would come at twelve o'clock with some loaf bread.
    On Easter-Sunday the people eat a lot of eggs and they coloured them by boiling them with tea-leaves and the blossoms off the whin bushes.
    People used to rise early on Easter Sunday morning to see the sun dancing.
    People in this district have been known to climb the mountain that is
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