School: An Rinnín, Leacht Uí Chonchobhair (roll number 9425)

Rinneen, Co. Clare
Pádhraic Ó Cionaoith
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0621, Page 235

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0621, Page 235

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    This belief probably to the local custom of inviting beforehand some dear male friend or some prosperous (or lucky)man to visit the house on New Year's morning to wuish all of the household "a prosperous New Year".The visitor is then treated to some drink which is always ready for the occasion.
    15.Holy water shaken on the growing crops on Whit Sunday is believed to result in a good rich yield for that year..
    16.A horse shoe found at a "cross road"and hung over the door of a dwelling house wards off evil from that house.
    17.The family of "Marrinan" is supposed to possess an"evil eye"and people never like to meet anyone of that name if they happen to be going on any important mission or business.
    18.When a corpse or coffin is being brought out from a "corpse house"the head of the coffin should be in front,and it should be carried if possible by four persons of the same name -preferably those bearing the family name of the deceased .
    When meeting a funeral on the road it is thought right to stop and turn your face in the direction of which the funeral is going ,and either remain in this position (or walk a short distance with it until the funeral has passed.
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