School: Rathbaun (Mixed), Lisdoonvarna (roll number 15047)

Rathbaun, Co. Clare
P. Ó Loingsigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0615, Page 267

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0615, Page 267

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  3. XML “The Green Coat of Ivy”

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  1. The Green Coat of Ivy.
    Long, long ago, there lived a man who had three sons. These three boys were going to school. As they were going one day, they came to a cross road and there sat before them a little man with a pack of cards and a little table. He asked the eldest to play but he refused, the second did in like manner but the third consented. Then the boys went away to school. Before they started to play they made a bargain that whoever would lose the game would have to give to the other whatever he would ask for. They played the game and the boy won it. Then the little man asked what he wished for and the boy said that he would like a new house. "Very well" said the little man and then he vanished. Then the boy waited till his brothers were coming from school and told them about the game. He also told them not to say
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