School: An Churrach (Crogh), Árd Fhionáin (roll number 7911)

Curragh, Co. Tipperary
Mícheál Ó Dubhshláine

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An Churrach (Crogh), Árd Fhionáin | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0572, Page 314

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Cure for warts. Keep a knot of washing soda in your pocket and every time you think of it, wet the warts and rub on the W.soda and the warts will soon wear away.
If you find a snail without looking for it put it to the warts, put the snail up on a bush and as the snail withers the warts will be withering too. You should not let anyone know where the snail was.
Get a person to count your warts and that person will take them.
Count your warts , put the same number of stones into a paper and throw them on the road. Whosoever picks them up will get the warts.

Mícheál O Laoghaire
Lodge, Co. Tipperary

Órtha Trom Luighe.
Mar a luighfinn sa leabhaid
'S luighfinn sa uaigh. Iarraim asblóid ort-sa a Íosa Chríost, A Mhuire ro-mheidhreach a Mhaighdean ró-glórmhar go dtugad dom solas nó soillse ag radharc na dtríonóide.

Órtha na Fola.
Cé sháigh an tsleagh ?
Cad do tháinigh as ?
Thainigh fuil, fíon agus trocaire.
In the name of Patrick, stad an fhuil. In ainm an Athair agus an Mhic agus an Spriod Naomh Amen