School: Cnocán an Teampaill, Ros Gréine

Knockantemple, Co. Tipperary
Máire, Bean Nic Aodhagáin

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Story - The Fox and The Hen

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0554, Page 242

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Once upon a time there lived in a house all alone a little red hen. She used to go out every day gathering sticks. One day she was going out she saw a fox so she locked the door. When the fox saw her locking the door he crept up along the chimney and he said that he would catch her. When he went up on top of the chimney he could not get in. He said to the little red hen "Take me down and I won't touch you". So the little hen took him down. As soon as she did that the fox opened his bag and said now I have you so he put her into the bag. The little hen used always wear an apron and in the pocket she used to keep a scissors a needle and thread. So the fox went home to his house and there were two other young foxes at home to boil the water for the big fox if he had any fowl.

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Nellie Landy
Lagganstown Lower, Co. Tipperary