School: Granagh (C.), Brúgh Ríogh (roll number 9928)

Granagh, Co. Limerick
Máire Ní Leidhin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0499, Page 226

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0499, Page 226

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  1. The first call of the Cuckoo was eagerly looked forward to by the old people.
    If they heard the cuckoo in the right ear, they were supposed to have good luck for that year, but if they heard her in the left ear, the reverse was to be the consequence.
    The crowing of cocks was regarded with much superstition by the old people.
    A cock crowing at any time except at dawn was considered unlucky.
    If they crew during the day, a superstitious person always asked in what direction was the cock facing. A person living in the direction in which the cock was facing was supposed to die
    If a cock crew early in the night it was a sign that the Good People were about, but the Crowing was a sign that "The Danger had passed"
    Crowing hens were considered very unlucky, and were always destroyed by the owner.
    "A whistling woman and a crowing hen" were dangers to be avoided
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