School: Béal Átha an Dá Chab

Ballydehob, Co. Cork
Síle Ní Mhathúna

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0291, Page 243

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There was a woman there long ago and the one fault she had was laziness. She was married to a farmer. She had a lot of flax but she was too lazy to spin it.
One day she was inside alone, when, who should come into her but a woman, who said she would spin all her linen for her if she could tell her name, but if the woman of the house could not tell the stranger's name she should go away with her the following day.
The woman of the house was satisfied and she gave the flax to the stranger, who went off. The same evening the man of the house was taking his horses to the well, for a drink. He heard some noise in a fort which was near the well. When he looked, what should he see but a woman and she spinning flax at her full best and she humming "If Mrs. Lazybones knew that Tríopla Trúpla, was my name it is fine she would sleep to night and I finishing the flax for her.
The man opened his mouth in amazement but he did not speak a word

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Noreen Keane
Ballydehob, Co. Cork
Mr P. Donovan
Ballydehob, Co. Cork