School: Ardgroom (roll number 12261)

Ardgroom, Co. Cork
R. Ó Hurdail
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 384

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0276, Page 384

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  1. Long ago there lived two giants whose names were glug and grug. They were very fond of each other. The king did not want them to live in his palace because they used to steal all the fowl from their neighbours. One of them was a very small man and the other was very tall, because every time he passed by, the people used think they had night.
    One day the king made up his mind to gather together all his fighting men and that he would give them any request they would ask if they killed the giants. So they went to the giants house and when they reached the place the giants were asleep. The king called them and they came out, so both parties fought together. The king and his men were no comrades for the giants, so they had to return home.
    There was an old woman living at the foot of a hill and she had one son
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