School: Clochar na Trócaire, Ros Ó gCairbre (roll number 14813)

Ross Carbery, Co. Cork
An tSr. Áilbe
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0308, Page 135

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0308, Page 135

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    In case of sores or external afflictions the water is applied to the affected part. The people also drink it. They also carry it away in bottles and use it during the year. For instance if a person gets an internal pain, three sips of the water is believed to bring relief.
    Articles of piety are hung on the bush beside the well, scapulars, rosary beads, or medals. Sometimes medals or money are thrown into the well. Silver coins are rarely left there, a few coppers are thrown into the well or placed on a stone beside it. All the money left near the well is taken by tinkers, who come to Ross for the occasion. The local people never touch it, but they are all quite satisfied that the tinkers take it.
    Pieces of cloth are tied on the hawthorn bush by the pilgrims, and left there.
    A trout is supposed to inhabit the well. It would not be right to interfere with the trout, and no one has ever meddled with it. If people see the trout when praying to obtain a cure, their request will be granted. If the trout is not visible, it is a sign
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