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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0263, Page 098

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Q. Head like a thimble, tail like a rat you may guess for ever and you'll never guess that?
A. A pipe.
Q. As round as an apple as deep as a cup all the men in Ireland would not pull it up?
A. The sun shining in a well.
Q. What is it that God never sees, seldom the king sees it and we often see it?
A. His own equals.
Q. Long legs crooked thighs, small head and no eyes.
A. A tongs.
Q. One head and one foot and a heart in its head?
A. A head of cabbage.
Q. Why is the letter B like fire?
A. Because it makes oil boil.
Q. What does a spider do when he is late for dinner?
A. He catches a fly.
Q. Why is a little man like a good book?
A. Because he is often looked over.
Q. Why is a pig in a parlour like a house on fire?
A. Because the sooner it is put out the better.
Q. What is the best tree for preserving order.
A. The Birch.
Q. Who was the first whistler?
A. The wind. What tune? Over the hills and far away.

John Keely
Newtown Farragher, Co. Roscommon