School: Gort an Ghainimh (roll number 16127)

Gortaganny, Co. Roscommon
M. Ó Cobhthaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0242, Page 230

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0242, Page 230

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  1. This game is played at the fireside on long winter nights when all the children are comfortably seated in a circle. One child passes round the ring three times and he says "it is in the fire". Of course he pretends that he throws it in the fire. He tries by every means in his power to deceive his onlookers. He asks each child who has the ring, and when all have answered he tells who has it. He then proceeds to inflict punishment. He names out all who were correct. Then the possessor of the ring starts the same procedure and so the game goes on.
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  2. The children all join hands, one goes in the middle and closes her eyes. The other children dance around her in a ring and they recite the following rhyme: -
    Sally in the water
    Sprinkle in the pan
    Jump up Sally
    And chose to your man
    Chose to the East
    And chose to the West
    And chose to the very man you love best
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