School: Domhnach Maighin (roll number 15142)

Donaghmoyne, Co. Monaghan
Pádraic Ua Muirgheasa

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Mannan Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0931, Page 095

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There is a place called Manaan Castle. It is is called so because Manaan lived in a castle here. It is at the head of a field called Manaan Mor. There is many stories told about the castle and also about lake Manaan.
This lake is situated on the top of a hill beside the castle. No river flows into this lake or none out of it, yet it never gets any biger or any smaller. There is a barrel of gold in the bottom lake. This barrel cannot be taken up only by four unused, unharnessed snow white horses.
Once upon a time a man got four horses that were as white as snow and were never harnessed. On his journey to the lake he had to cross a drain. When the horses came to the drain they all crossed but one. He tried and tried to put him across but failed. In the end he had to put a halter on him to take him across.
When they reached the lake they harnessed the horses to the crock of gold. The horses walked on. At last the crock appeared and kepp comming up and up and up until it was almost out of the water when the chain broke and the crock dissappeared and never was seen any more. Men tried to make a road to the castle. They

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Patsy Martin
Tullynacross, Co. Monaghan