School: Cluainín (roll number 12001)

Clooneen, Co. Sligo
Eoin Mac Aodha

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Cluainín | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0183, Page 360

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Local festival customs.
There are many local customs observed with regards to feasts in almost every place. The following is the usual custom on St. Stephen's day. On this day crowds of boys and young men congregate and dress in a curious manner. They wear false faces and big hats that ascend many inches above their heads. The hats mentioned are of various colours and long ribbons sling from the tops of them. They also wear skirts and old torn curtains. These boys are called "wren boys". They usually carry a dead wren in a basket or box and they sing a song in every house. In some places they say the following rhyme: Up with the kettle and down with the pan. Give us a penny to bury the wren." They also dance and play music. With the money they receive they buy many things, such as footballs or hanlbo {word cut off} The young men usually have a dance in some of their houses and the money is spent on provisions.
There is a great superstition on St Martin's Day. The old people believe that if they kill a fowl and to sprinkle the blood on the four

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