School: An Tulach Mór (roll number 11047)

Tullamore, Co. Kerry
Gearóid Mac Piarais

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An Tulach Mór | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 097

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he was crossing the fort he heard beautiful music. He left the horse on the side of the road and went into the fort to listen to the music. The music was so sweet that it set him to sleep. When he woke next morning, he went out in the road to look for his horse, he could not find him. He met a man in the road, he asked him what time was it, the man told him it was nine o'clock. He said that he would be late for the fair. "Airiú", said the man, isn't the fair over with three days. Then he began thinking that he must have been in the fort for three days. When he came to his own home his wife would not let him into his house. He went to the parish priest, the priest was frightened on seeing him because he was after being at his funeral the day before. He told the priest how he was in the fort. Then the priest said it was the fairies that put the other man on the horse in his stead. When he came

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Donncadh Ó Loinghsigh