School: An Tulach Mór (roll number 11047)

Tullamore, Co. Kerry
Gearóid Mac Piarais

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An Tulach Mór | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 143

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57. Young children get the cradle cap and the best cure for it is to wash it with soap and water three times a day.

58. A good cure for an eye that is blood-shot is to wash it three times a day in cold tea and then it goes away.
59. A very good cure for cough is to boil milk and onions and to mix pepper through them and to drink them, and then it goes away.
60. A cure for scruff that comes in a child's head is to rub honey to it and then it goes away.
61. Another cure for a pain in the tooth is to take a smoke of a pipe and then it goes away.
62. A cure for a sting from a bee is to rub the juice of

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