School: An Tulach Mór (roll number 11047)

Tullamore, Co. Kerry
Gearóid Mac Piarais

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An Tulach Mór | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0399, Page 137

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A cure the old people had for the "chin cough" was to put a worm into a bottle and cork the bottle tight for nine days, and while this worm would be getting rotten the chin-cough would be going away just as well. The name of this worm is the "dara daol".

28. A cure for a burn of a nettle is to rub the juice of a dock leaf to it and then it gets better.
29. Long ago, it was a cure for a pain in the stomach to put a hot plate up to it, and in a few minutes it is gone away.
30. When a person falls and hits his head or hand against the ground, and is in danger of a lump rising, the cure for it is,

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