School: Muine Dubh (Moneyduff) (roll number 9222)

Moneyduff, Co. Leitrim
Pádhraic Ó Heádhra
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 117

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0199, Page 117

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  1. Spinning was carried out in this district years ago and it is still going on but in very few houses. The spinning wheels were bought in Dromahair from a wheelright who had a shop. They used to cost about two pounds each. Every household used to have one. Some houses used keep a few sheep on their own land for the wool and others used to buy the wool. in the Winter months mostly all the spinning was done. The wool had to be carded first by means of two carders. The wool was put down on one carder and drawn to and fro by the other one until it was as fine as silk. It was then made into long rolls and spun with the wheel. When it was spun it was put on another part of the wheel to be stretched and it was made into long hanks. These hanks used to be washed, then they were ready for use. All the woollen clothes used to be hand done years ago but now there is nearly none carried out in this district.
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  2. Rush candles were made in this district years ago. A bundle of rushes was pulled and skinned, and on each rush a piece of the bark or the green was left on the end. Then they were put up to dry near the fire. when they were well dried they were taken down and put into a candle pan full of grease and rolled along in it. The candle pan was made in the shape of a boat. They candles were put over the fire again until they were thoroughly dried. Three or four used to be burned on a Winter's night.
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    Annie Byrne
    Moneyduff, Co. Leitrim
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    Moneyduff, Co. Leitrim