School: Edenvella (roll number 5212)

Edenvella, Co. Leitrim
Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh

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Superstitions or Piseog

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0190, Page 035

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Superstitions or Piseog

The local name for these is "pisthrogues"
(1) To see a new moon through glass is a sign of bad luck while that particular moon lasts.
(2) If one is out in the open and see the new moon over the left shoulder good luck will follow to the onlooker's heart's desire.
(3) Magpies are looked upon with superstitious awe: "One for sorrow, two for joy, Three for a wedding, four to die"
(4) A robin is supposed to bring bad luck to a house if it hops in
(5) If the first woman whom a fisherman meets in the morning has red hair then bad luck will follow him the whole day.
(6) To bring some blossoms into a house is to open the door to bad luck. These are whitethorn, apple blossom & laburnum
(7) To let a fork fall by accident is a sign that a lady visitor is coming; the fall of a knife is a sign of a gentleman visitor. If a spoon fall disappointment is in store

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Domhnall Mac an Bhreithimh