School: Ballaghameehan (roll number 13908)

Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim
John Eames

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Hidden Treasure

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0189, Page 169

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There are many stories told about hidden treasures. The one I heard most about is called the "Brocain." It is situated in a field of Costello's in the township of Tullisherny.

In olden times it is said that there was a protestants man named Willie Edward's living in this house, and one night as he was going to bed the door flung open but nobody came in and he went out to see who it was but could see no person so he came back and went to bed, but he could not sleep. He woke early the next norming and he went down to the Brocain and he found lovely music and he went through the place and it is said that he saw beatiful parlours and the last room he went to he saw a golden coloured pot on a round table with gold in it.
He said that he burnt three candles going through it. It is said that it belonged to the fairies in olden times, a number of other men went to this place to see could the find any gold but the got afraid.
This place is to be seen yet and many different sorts have been seen. There is a

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John Eames
Tullyskeherny, Co. Leitrim