School: Eiscear (roll number 1000)

Esker, Co. Galway
Sinéad, Bean Uí Chonghalaigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 185

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0003, Page 185

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  1. In olden times the little girls were very interested (such as) in making toy dolls and necklaces of daisies. To-day the little girls are still able to make necklaces out of daisies. The boys are able to make spinning tops from thread spools, and are also able to make cradle-cribs for catching small birds. They also make snares for catching rabbits and hares.
    The rag dolls were made in the following manner, the girls get pieces of cloth and cut them different shapes for the head, the body, the legs and arms. Then they stuffed the body and head with salt or bran, and stitched the different parts together. The girls then got coloured pencils and painted the eyes, mouth, and nose of the doll. The making of daisy necklaces is still carried on in my locality.
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    Mary Delaney
    Carnakelly, Co. Galway