School: Wilson N.S. (roll number 16138)

Raphoe, Co. Donegal
A.J.M. Thompson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 239

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 239

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  1. The only old graveyard in this district is the Cathedral graveyard. It is situated at one end of the Diamond. This graveyard is still used. It is in the grounds of St Eunan's Cathedral. There are a few trees in this graveyard but they are not very tall. There are some old tomb's at the back of the Church, and these are so old that you could hardly see the writing on them. Any that can be seen are written in odd shaped letters, not like the letters nowadays. Some of the old graves are surrounded by tall iron rails. There are a few small wooden crosses and one white marble cross. Granny remembers that, long ago there used to be men who lifted newly-buried bodies out of this graveyard at night. These men were called "stiffy-lifters". They sold the bodies to young students who learned from them.
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    Phyllis Robb
    Raphoe, Co. Donegal