School: Wilson N.S. (roll number 16138)

Raphoe, Co. Donegal
A.J.M. Thompson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 225

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 225

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    block of wood, called an "anvil", where he points instruments. There is a trough beside the fire where he cools horse-shoes.
    Forge-water is used for Convulsions, and for warts.
    Some blacksmith's are very clever and know much about horses. Sometimes they can beat the veteran-surgeon at curing horses.
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  2. Long ago in Ireland, the clothes that were worn were mostly made at home. This cloth was known as, "homespun".
    Long years ago, most of the Irish-people made their living by spinning-thread, and making yarn and lace.
    If there was a Fair coming off, the previous night the Irish women sat up all night, spinning and knitting socks and stockings. They wanted to have a good supply of stuff to sell at the Fair.
    There is only one tailor in Raphoe, he is Mr. Gallagher who makes men's suits'. If a man wanted a suit made long ago, the tailor came and lodged in his house, till the suit was made.
    When a lady was getting married in olden times, she wore a long, tight-waisted frock and a large, "flair",
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    Sadie Cromie
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