School: Wilson N.S. (roll number 16138)

Raphoe, Co. Donegal
A.J.M. Thompson
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 230

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 1102, Page 230

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  1. In olden times there were many birds in the country, some were wild and others were tame. We know signs from different birds.
    When the Seagulls come inland there is going to be a storm. When you see one Magpie on the road in front of you, you will have sorrow, but if there are two it is believed that you will have joy.
    When you see the crows flying through the air in a circle and "cawing" there is going to be rain. If the Robin sits in the middle of a tree it is going to be a wet day, but if it sits on the top it is going to be good weather.
    When the Swallows fly high it is the sign of good weather, but when they fly low there is going to be bad weather.
    When the "Cuckoo" and the "Willie Wag Tail" come, this tells us that Spring is near.
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Bessie Mc Knight
    Oakfield Demesne, Co. Donegal