School: Béal Átha 'n Fheadha (B.)

Ballina, Co. Mayo
D. P. Ó Cearbhaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 474

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 474

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  1. off again and he met another butcher with a dog. He asked this butcher the same question and he said he was drowning him as he ate half his meat last night. So Martin gave him all his money & set off home with the dog. So his mother hunted him altogether. He went away looking for work. He came to a priests house and the priest gave him work for three years. So he got lonely & he said he would like to go home and see his mother. The priest asked him which would he take a bag of gold or a bag of sand. So he said he would have a bag of sand. So he set out with his cat & dog & his bag of sand. He was coming along by a wood and he saw a girl tied to a tree & a fire kindling under her. He went in & quenched the fire with the sand and untied her from the tree. She handed him a ring and said. "Take this and whatever you wish for you will get it". So he went home to his mother to find her out begging. So he sat down until she came home. He was very glad to see her, & told her to sit. She asked him had he any money home with him. He said "No". So she was going to put him out again & he told her he had better than money. He wished for a castle & everything he wanted. She was astonished until Martin related his story to her. Then he asked her to go to the king and ask for the kings daughter,
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    AT0560: The Magic Ring
    Michael O' Neill
    Ballina, Co. Mayo
    Mrs Annie O' Neill
    Domestic worker
    Ballina, Co. Mayo