School: Béal Átha 'n Fheadha (B.)

Ballina, Co. Mayo
D. P. Ó Cearbhaill

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The Unlucky Farmer

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0146, Page 614

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Once upon there lived a farmer and his son and they were poor. All they had was a few hens and a cow. So one night there came an awful storm and next morning when the farmer got up he put on the fire and made tea. When Tom his son got up he asked was there any eggs in it and his father said "No" but to go and see was there any in the hen house. When Tom went out side and looked around he saw what the storm had done. It had ruined all their oats potatoes and other stocks. So he call out his father. When his father seen (saw) the sight he nearly fainted after all the trouble he had ploughing and sowing. So the farmer went in to the house sadly and brokenhearted. So next morning the farmer and his son Tom got up and went out to see but when they went in to the hen house all their hens were dead. They had no food to eat. So the farmer said to his son to get the spade and shovel in the cow house to bury the hens and the cow. But when Tom went in to the stable he seen (saw) the cow was alive. She was eating the hay. But the farmer taught she would be dead too. So they buried the hens and next morning the farmer said to Tom to go to town and sell the cow. So next morning the farmer and his son got up early and the farmer milked the cow and Tom fed her. Anyway Tome started off with the cow to the fair. But when he was going along he

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Paddy Joe Brennan
Ballina, Co. Mayo
Mr W. Brennan
Ballina, Co. Mayo