School: Ceathrú Gabhann (C.) (roll number 14229)

Carrowgowan, Co. Mayo
Caitlín Bean Uí Shioradáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0121, Page 145

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0121, Page 145

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    anyone there to serve Masa. The Parish Priest answered "yes I will serve Mass for you." He told him to come along. When the Mass was over he turned round and he told the Parish Priest that was a Mass he was paid for when he was living and he forgot to say it, and that he was coming there for fifty years, and never could get anyone to serve Mass for him.
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  2. At the end of the year the King of the Leprechauns said he was going away, and he said to one of his followers, "Chose now which of my precious things you will have." "Will you take my spear thatis equal to a hundred spears, or my shield
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    Carrowgallda, Co. Mayo
    Mary Callaghan
    Carrowgallda, Co. Mayo