School: Ceathrú Gabhann (C.) (roll number 14229)

Carrowgowan, Co. Mayo
Caitlín Bean Uí Shioradáin
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0121, Page 177

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0121, Page 177

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  1. One night in October there was a man living along in a house. He was very poor and he didn't know where he would get money to buy what he wanted. A great storm arose at about two o'clock in the night. It knocked a big tree on top of his barn. The man heard it and he was in a very bad way then because he thought that his barn would be knocked and that his cattle would be killed. He got up as quickly as he could and went out. His cattle and his barn were alright and when he went inside the door he got two purses and there were forty-eight pounds in gold in one and fifty pound notes in the other. The man was overjoyed and he was a rich
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    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
    Helen King
    Carrowgowan, Co. Mayo